Terms and Conditions - Venue Listings on Venyou

The Venue – means YOUR VENUE

The Client – means Let Me Out Ltd and Venyou clients

Term: 12 months from payment date, unless special conditions apply

The Objective: bring The Venue meeting and conference room enquiries.

Arrangement: Let Me Out Ltd incorporating Venyou, will provide a listing on the Venyou website to promote The Venue’s conference rooms to the corporate market.

The Venue will:
+ Provide marketing materials such as photos, logos, brochures and written content for Let Me Out Ltd to use for the purposes of marketing The Venue to its clients.
+ Set up the booked spaces for meetings and conferences as required by the client and provide all meeting and conference support.
+ Arrange conference equipment, catering and additional items as booked directly by The Client

Let Me Out Ltd will:
+ Provide The Venue and conference room details on its website – www.venyou.co.nz – and any additional sites that it may launch or use for the purpose of promoting the availability of the venue and conference rooms;
+ Promote The Venue across social media pages;
+ Include The Venue in brochures and
+ Promote The Venue at trade shows and other industry events and via other marketing platforms as appropriate.

Let Me Out Ltd and The Venue agrees to respect the privacy and relationship between each other’s organisations and the trusted relationship built with The Client. The Venue shall not make any unethical approach to The Client, including unsolicited emails, and shall use the contact details of The Client strictly for the purposes of communicating the requirements of the booking with that client and company.

Let Me Out Ltd and The Venue agree to work together for the mutual benefit of both parties and to act in good faith throughout the period of the relationship and thereafter.

The Venue will not directly or indirectly use, copy, share, or permit the use or copying of any confidential information owned by, or in the possession of Let Me Out Ltd unless they get written permission. Confidential information means all information owned by, or in the possession of Let Me Out Ltd that is not in the public domain, and which Let Me Out Ltd reasonably regards as private. It includes, but is not limited, to:
• commercial agreements
• trade secrets
• information about financial affairs
• business methods and systems
• information and records about clients, potential clients, suppliers and employees
• business strategies, including merchandising, budgeting, market analysis, pricing, advertising, products and services
• computer software and data
• other information not known to the public.
The requirement for confidentiality applies at all times while The Venue has a business relationship with Let Me Out Ltd and after the relationship has ended.

Any content created and used by Let Me Out Ltd to refer to The Venue and its business is deemed to be the copyright of Let Me Out Ltd and may not be used, copied or reproduced without written permission from Let Me Out Ltd, unless it was provided to Let Me Out Ltd by The Venue in the first instance for the purposes of marketing and or promoting The Venue. Content which is authored by Let Me Out Ltd will be considered exclusive to its business, across all its websites, social media pages and all other marketing channels. Plagiarism will be strictly enforced and could lead to legal action if necessary.

This agreement may be altered from time to time where both parties are in agreement.

This agreement will be reviewed at the end of the agreement period.

The details of this agreement will remain confidential.

In accepting this quote you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement and confirm that you are authorised to act on behalf of your company for the purposes of this agreement.


An invoice will be sent for the full 12 month listing fee upon accepting this quote. Payments are due 7 days from date of invoice.

Payments can be made by direct credit into our New Zealand back account or by credit card.

Credit card payments are subject to a 4.5% transaction fee. Please advise if you wish to pay by credit card.

No fees are applicable for direct credit payments made within New Zealand.

Your listing will be loaded live onto Venyou website once payment has cleared our account.