What is the ROI of listing on Venyou

If you're not sure what you'll get for your money when you list on VenYou, read on.

We’re often asked what the Return On Investment is when a business lists on VenYou. And we completely understand why. Every business needs to consider carefully where they spend their marketing money and it can be tricky to make the decision to list somewhere new when you’re not sure what you’ll get out of it.

Let’s take a look at what ROI means in the first place.

ROI is the formula for working out what you get in return when you spend money.  The simplest way of calculating ROI is by subtracting the initial cost of the investment from its final value (in most cases how many bookings you’ve received and how much customers paid for the services) then dividing this number by the original cost and finally multiplying it by 100. 

Examples of ROI on VenYou listings

The simplest way to show this for a business considering listing on VenYou is to show two calculations – one for a standard annual listing of $249 and the other for the premium annual listing price of $499, which applies to large venues with over 3 meeting spaces. And we’re going to show you something quite astonishing. The calculations below are based on recent experiences that businesses have had when they made the decision to list on VenYou. They’re real and live and just the beginning of the story.

ROI for standard listing on VenYou

The ROI for a business that recently listing on VenYou after less than a week is eye watering! Yes, you are reading it right. The business took an enquiry and a booking valued at $8,500 within one week of listing on Venyou. When we deduct their listing fee of $249, it makes their simple return over 3000 percent! 

ROI for premium business listing on VenYou

Here’s another example of a business that listed at the premium price of $499. They took a booking valued at $3000 from one client. When we deduct their initial investment of $499 it leaves a net value of $2,501 and gives them an ROI of just over 500 percent!

That's just the beginning

You could argue that there’s more to the cost of investing than just the price of the listing. Of course, it takes time and effort to load a great listing onto VenYou and make sure that the information on the site is as compelling as it can be for everyone who browses that listing. 

But consider now that the ROI shared with you on this post are just one booking per business and they have the rest of the listing period, up to 12 months, to get more enquiries and bookings in.

On top of that there’s the VenYou factor that you won’t find anywhere else. VenYou owns two complimentary corporate services businesses. Let Me Out that specialises in Team Building and Team Development across New Zealand. And VenYou, this dedicated platform for corporate services. When you list on VenYou you get the added bonus of regular enquiries sent through to your business from Let Me Out’s events crew. And the support of VenYou’s Business Development team who can help your business grow by sharing insights and data about what’s happening in the corporate events market and what will help you meet the market’s specific needs. 

A final word from Del, CEO at VenYou

List on VenYou today!

Now’s the time to be seen and be supported, to bring those customers back and do what you do best. Listing on Venyou will be the best decision you make this week!