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Venyou is owned and operated by Let Me Out Ltd, New Zealand. We bring regular enquiries and bookings to small, medium, and large venues across New Zealand and provide trusted recommendations, referrals and booking services to corporate buyers looking for meetings, conferences, and event venues.

But we’re much more than just a listing site! Our job is to put relevant, genuine and qualified corporate buyers in front of you and help you get more corporate bookings.

Think about us as your extended business development team, working on projects to help you understand and respond to your target market needs. We are your eyes and ears on the ground in the corporate events space and regularly share insights with you about industry trends and developments.

Our relationship with buyers is one of our priorities because we now that means we’re in the best position to help you get more business. Through our networking groups we talk to these buyers to understand what they need and share that knowledge with you so that you can tailor your packages to fit their requirements.

As one of our preferred venues you can opt in to access insights, surveys and reports gathered from focus groups; become one of our famil venues where pre-qualified corporate buyers visit your venue to see your facilities and meet you face to face; book a special promotional story authored by us and distributed across a wide variety of digital marketing channels; let our production team create HD multi-media content for your use across multiple digital platforms to tell your unique story.

Fees may apply, please speak to us about options and costs.


• A dedicated full page listing on our website.

• Trusted recommendations to buyers about your venue, because we only work with venues that we trust who can meet the needs of corporate groups.

• Directly referrals to you from our corporate contacts based on the brief they’ve shared with us.

• Buyers also enquire directly with you via the online automated enquiry system or by phone to your functions team.

• You complete the enquiry and booking process with the buyer. There is no middle man.

• You are included in our regular industry updates.

• You’ll get industry specific insights which you can use to develop new sales and marketing tactics.

• There are two tiers for listing with us – Small Venues and Large Venues. See price details below:

If it costs you $249.00 + GST to sign up with Venyou (small venue cost) and you get one booking from a direct enquiry from our site during a 12 month period, you’ll have made a positive return on investment. And imagine what that can look like if your venue gets anywhere between 10 and 50 enquiries over the course of the year? Venues who sign up and renew their listings with us year after year are experiencing these kinds of benefits. But there’s even more return than that!

  • Brand awareness to a targetted market for business events.
  • Business support from an experienced marketing team who’ve been in the industry for over a decade.
  • Access to innovation support to brainstorm, solve problems and develop ideas with you.

That’s a lot for a small annual investment!

Sign up today and be a part of our growing community of wonderful venues.

Listing Prices

Small Venue Listing

(One or two venue spaces catering to a maximum of 120 pax)
12 months: $249.00 + GST

Large Venue Listing

(Three or more venue spaces catering for up to 2000 pax)
12 months: $499.00 + GST

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Sign up by the 31st of October 2020 and you’ll receive a free feature story in our letter to corporate buyers before the end of 2020.

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“We are so happy with our decision to partner with Venyou. We have received a number of sales enquiries which have turned into confirmed and repeat bookings. Thank you Venyou for giving us such good coverage with your client database, we are extremely happy with the work you are doing for us 😊” Alexandra Park

“Orams Captain’s Lounge is pleased to re-list with Venyou. They have provided me with great service over the last 12 months with regular and reliable referrals. I look forward to providing their clients with a superior venue for all requirements in the future.” Orams Captains Lounge