How We Can Help You This Year

We've been in the business of corporate events for close to 20 years now and over that time we've learnt a lot about how the sector works in New Zealand. We love doing what we do and are always there for you to make your life easier.

At Venyou we specialise in working with brilliant venues that are up to scratch and suitable for corporate groups. That means checking them out to see if they’re facilities, accommodation and service levels are up to scratch, making sure they have experience in this area have a good reputation. When they do we’ll shout about them to all our contacts in the business world who are looking for places to hold their next meetings, conference and events because everyone likes to know about great spaces for their events. 

So if you’re a corporate buyer in 2023, looking for venue ideas for your next event, you’ve come to the right place. You can browse this website and all of the listings that are in regional categories and get in touch with the venues directly to make an enquiry. 


Little Wilderness conference venue in West Auckland

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for then we can help there too. Just get in touch and let us know your brief – how many people, how long for, what type of event is it and we’ll happily provide you with some ideas.

  • To make sure you’re being efficient with your time, make sure you’ve got your check-list ready of what you want.
  • How many people is it for?
  • Do you need accommodation?
  • Does everyone need their own bedroom and bathroom or is there flexibility with this?
  • What type of event it is?
  • What’s your budget – you should always have a budget!
  • How long is the event – half day, full day, multiple days?
The more specific you are, the better outcome you’ll get and the easier it is to help you.
Accommodation at Mövenpick, Auckland waterfront hotel

If you’re a venue and you’re not already on our site and getting business support from us then we’re here to help with that too. 

We’re not just a listing site. We know it takes a lot more than that to help venues get more corporate enquiries. We are hands on, supporting our venue partners, helping them reach the right target market, helping to tell their stories and advising them on how to meet the ever changing needs of corporate groups who are looking for venues for their meetings, conferences and events. 

But there’s more to it than that with Venyou.  We’re one half of two great New Zealand corporate brands.
Our sister brand, Let Me Out has been organising and running team building and corporate events for thousands of clients for years and we’re always looking for the best venues for those events and clients too. So it’s a double whammy! Whether we’re sending you enquiries or organising the event with you for the corporate groups, we’re with you all the way!


Don’t be shy about getting in touch. We don’t bite and we’re always happy to help and support to make your business better. 

Venyou - Finding venues for you


Now’s the time to be seen and be supported, to bring those customers back and do what you do best – host amazing events. Listing on Venyou will be the best decision you make this week!